Waveney Vote Leave revitalises interest in politics among ordinary people

Waveney Vote Leave christine and sheila jpg

Volunteers manning our market stalls in Lowestoft and Beccles have been inundated by people wanting Vote Leave Posters. Literally hundreds of “Vote Leave” posters have been given out for each of the last few weeks.

 Many people are getting involved who have never been involved in a political party. For example, Sheila Atkins and Christine Blowers who have been manning Vote Leave stalls in Beccles and Lowestoft.

 Sheila said: “We’re doing this for our grandkids and our great grandkids”

 Christine said: “People are so enthusiastic it’s brilliant! They’re coming to us – we don’t have to go to them. By the time I’ve finished my shift and go home I’m lifted because people are so lovely.”



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