Unemployment in Waveney is lower than almost any other country in the EU

Boris in Lowestoft 1bWhen the Vote Leave bus came to Lowestoft last week – a lady came in off the street asking to speak to Boris – after hearing all the scare stories from the Remain campaign (the press call it ‘Project Fear’!) she wanted to know if her job would be safe if she voted to leave the EU – and Boris spared a few minutes to talk to her.

Whatever anyone says about the future – whether it’s who’s going to win the European football championships or what will happen if we leave the EU – at the end of the day it’s just a guess – speculation!

But here are the hard facts about jobs now…

Unemployment in Waveney has been steadily falling for a couple of years – and is now down to 2.8% of the workforce – still too many – but it is still falling.

Compare that to the Eurozone where the unemployment rate is 10.2%…

In fact, the UK has significantly lower unemployment than every other country in the EU except Germany and the Czech Republic…

EU unemployment graph

This is AN OFFICAL EU graph – you can view the original by clicking here.

NB independent analysis suggests unemployment in the EU is actually slightly higher – click here.

So…it doesn’t take an expert economist to see that our young people have got a far better chance of getting a job here – than in the EU…

And when Britain has got the fifth biggest economy in the world – there is every reason to think that setting our economy free from the EU will in a few years bring even more jobs here.

When you vote remember unemployment in the Eurozone is more than three times the rate in Waveney…

vote leave take control


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