Thank you Waveney!

waveney vote leave front page graphic2Thank you to everyone who voted – however you voted – a 73% turnout is a great result for democracy.

A particular thanks to the 41,290 people in Waveney (63%) who voted ‘leave’ – well above both the East of England (56%) and national (52%) averages.

And a very special thanks to all who put posters in their windows – there are literally hundreds of you

And a very special thanks to those who gave up so much of their time campaigning on market  stalls, speaking to people and delivering leaflets

We are absolutely delighted with the result – this is something that many local people have hoped and worked for over many years.

Yesterday YOU made history. This is an historic event for the UK – which has re-asserted our historic freedoms dating from Magna Carta – that our laws and taxes should be decided by our elected representatives in parliament – NOT by unelected EU commissioners and bureaucrats in another country.

We believe that in the years following today – we can have better relationships with other European countries as friends and neighbours, rather than in a disastrous marriage towards ‘ever closer union’ in a single European state.

This is very good news for Waveney

Change will not happen overnight and the government has to negotiate and parliament still has to vote on exactly what our future relationship with other European countries will be…

BUT after we leave the EU we believe that

  • In the medium term this will be better for jobs – already our unemployment rate is less than a third of the Eurozone average.
  • Local small businesses will be able to flourish better without being weighed down by endless EU regulations.
  • Local fishermen are confident that they can slowly begin to rebuild our fishing industry…

We are proud to have run a wholly positive campaign for a Leave Vote in Waveney that has focused on local as well as national issues

We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all those who gave up so much time to help in this campaign and to all of the public for their wonderful support, we would particularly like to thank the hundreds of local people who displayed posters in their homes (we estimate there are 800-1,000 of you based on the number we gave out each week!). There is a real sense in which the Waveney Vote Leave campaign has revitalised interest in politics among ordinary people. Waveney Vote Leave was not just a cross party campaign – it also involved many local people who had have never been involved in a political party.

Now that we have the result – we need to unite. We have a great country and a great democracy – as last night showed – and we need to be justly proud of that.


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