Tackling crime and keeping us all safe


We’ve had local off duty police officers coming up to us and saying quietly that they are finding a significant part of their time is taken up dealing with criminals coming from East European countries that do not have the strong tradition of law and order that the UK has. We want to be clear that this is NOT ordinary East European migrants. But the EU’s fundamental principle of ‘free movement of people’ allows criminal gangs form other parts of Europe to freely come here for what they see as rich pickings.

STOP PRESS: The Cross Party House of Commons Select Committee on Home Affairs has just said the UK has more than 13,000 foreign criminals, most from the EU – comparing this to the size of Beccles. It found 5,789 were at large in the community and the rest in prison at an estimated cost of £36,000 a year each. The Independent reported that The committee’s chairman Labour MP Keith Vaz said:

“There are 13,000 foreign national offenders in the country, who could fill towns the size of Louth in Lincolnshire, Beccles in Suffolk or Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumberland, and almost 6,000 of these are living within communities,”

He went on to say:

“The public would expect our membership of the EU to make it easier to deport European offenders, but this is clearly not the case, and we continue to keep thousands of these criminals at great and unnecessary expense. These failures are undermining confidence in the UK’s immigration system and in the UK’s EU membership.”

The justice minister Dominic Raab MP claimed that EU laws were making it harder to deport foreign criminals. “The EU is making us less safe,” he said. “It also costs UK taxpayers huge sums of money to keep these people in our prisons rather than sending them home.”

We will all be safer if we vote to take back control of country’s borders.


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