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The NHS is having to cope with increasing pressures every year. Some of that is because we are living longer – and the older we get the more often we tend to visit the doctors! But another reason is that we have an extra 333,000 people coming to the UK ever year (this is called ‘net migration’ according to the Office for National Statistics, last year the actual number of people arriving was 630,000, but 297,000 people left the UK). Each year roughly half of these new migrants (270,000 people) come from other EU countries.

To put that into perspective – the extra 330,000 people the NHS has to care for each year is approximately the size of Norwich, Ipswich and Lowestoft’s populations all put together being added to the NHS patient list every single year – no wonder it is struggling!

There is a particular pressure that gets put on maternity services as more than 25% of babies are now born to mothers who were not themselves born in the UK. Even in Great Yarmouth where our local maternity hospital is, the figure is 16.3%.

We actually need some migrants. We’ve had some great foreign dentists and nurses, but, our health services cannot cope with ever increasing numbers coming from other countries year after year.

If we leave the EU we can have a sensible immigration policy that lets us have the dentists and nurses we need – but lets US decide who we need – rather than simply letting everyone come and overburdening our NHS.

BBC_(Milgreen) Watch German born cardiologist tells BBC NHS will be better outside the EU

STOP PRESS: The Remain campaign have just claimed in a referendum broadcast on TV that we have maternity allowance because of the EU. This is UNTRUE – the British parliament introduced maternity allowance on 5th July 1948 – 25 years BEFORE we joined the EU.

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