Where does the tax you pay the EU get spent?


calculator-385506_1280Every week the British taxpayers send more than £350 million to the EU – that’s more £19 billion a year. That works out at about £32 million a year for an area the size of Waveney. That’s enough to build a third crossing in Lowestoft every three years – just from the tax we pay to the EU from Waveney alone.

Greece bridge



The tax you pay to the EU paid for this bridge in Greece…


bascule bridge up



…But the EU hasn’t paid anything towards a third crossing for Lowestoft…




Some people for the ‘Remain in the EU’ campaign have been telling people that Waveney has benefitted from EU grants. But the examples they give are fairly small amounts of money. The biggest they quote is £3.2 million they claim the EU “gave” towards repairing Southwold harbour a few years ago. However, not only was the £3.2 million of YOUR money – they want us to thank the EU for giving back to us (!) it came from a special fund the EU set up to help communities that have suffered from the collapse of their fishing industry – a collapse that the EU helped cause(!). The total is also of course vastly less than we pay the EU in tax every single year.

We can do much better in Waveney if the UK decides where it spends the tax money that taxpayers like you pay (and of course if we leave the EU you might not have to pay out so much tax anyway!).

This WHY the EU does not want the UK to leave

UK's contribution to the EU


This pie chart is from an official UK Treasury report on Britain and the EU (see page 13).

It shows that the UK pays 12.5% (that’s £1 out of every £8) that the EU spends – even though 28 countries are EU members…






NB Some people from the Remain campaign have disputed the figure of £350million a week in tax we pay to the EU. Click here to see the UK Treasury’s own official figures (go to page 14). In the last year for which we have accurate figures (2014) the UK paid £18.777 billion to the EU (that’s £360.9 million a week) and received back in spending and grants only £8.992 billion (slightly less than half).However – and this is the sting in the tail – of even that £8.9 billion very little gets spent in Waveney…

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