Waveney had a thriving tourist industry before we joined the EU and it will be able to flourish again if we leave…

Here in Waveney we have a fantastic tourism attraction: award winning sandy beaches in Lowestoft and Southwold, literally the best summer weather in the UK – same summer temperatures as Devon and Cornwall but only half the number of rainy days they get, the Suffolk and Norfolk Broads, Suffolk Coasts and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty…

Now, we kid you not …but the Remain in the EU campaign have actually been handing out leaflets in Lowestoft which says “the EU is great for holidaymakers”…because…wait for it…”you can easily travel abroad to other countries” (actually you could before we joined the EU!). Is that really the best they can do to promote our tourist industry…? Do they want people to come here on holiday or not?!!

12% of jobs in Waveney depend on the tourist industry here. Yes it did suffer a decline when people started to go on cheap foreign holidays to other European countries instead of coming here, but we’re rebuilding our tourist industry.

We want to promote Waveney as a great place for people to come on holiday to – not persuade them to go to other places in the EU!

STOP PRESS: The Remain in the EU campaign have just claimed in a TV referendum political broadcast that we have paid holidays because of the EU. This is UNTRUE  – the British parliament passed the Holidays with Pay Act in 1938 (35 years BEFORE we joined the EU!) following a campaign by trade unions that started in 1911.

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