Local Jobs


Nationally businesses are split as to whether to stay in the EU or leave. Most, but not all big mutli-national companies want Britain to stay in the EU. However, most businesses in Waveney are small businesses and the majority of small businesses want to leave the EU. That’s because many small businesses find they are crippled by EU regulations.

Some small business owners have to spend a complete day every week – just making sure they are complying with EU regulations. It shouldn’t be that way…! We need to set small businesses free to grow and create local jobs.

The campaign to remain in the EU have put out a scare story that implies if we left the EU local businesses wouldn’t be able to sell to other European countries. We have had local people come up to us fuming about this – saying that before we joined the EU they had businesses that exported right across the EU.

In fact, we probably had a lot more businesses in Waveney exporting to European countries before we joined the EU than we do now! – Of course we can do the same again!

 STOP PRESS latest unemployment figures . Official EU figures show unemployment in the Eurozone is more than three times the rate in Waveney – see our recent BLOG POST


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